The Alliance of Destiny: How It Was Supposed to End

Before I start, this was a humor piece I wrote for the official TAOD site:

You Know You’ve Been Watching Too Much Alliance of Destiny When…

  1. You call your teachers “Professor Smith” or “Professor Jones” when a simple “Mr. Smith” or “Mrs. Jones” will suffice.
  2. You believe Voldemort is in the shrimp dimension.
  3. You believe love conquers all.
  4. You get migraines and scream “Department of Mysteries!”
  5. You eyeball a blond father and son when you’re shopping and think they’re Lucius and Sark.
  6. You name your Sim Anastasia Darcy or Meliza Masterson.
  7. You go to grassy fields and try to resurrect dead Amazon warriors.
  8. You deadhead your mother’s roses, wondering if they were Meliza’s singing ones.
  9. Your mother runs a charity organization.
  10. You realize that your best friend’s father and your dad were rivals in school.
  11. Your best friend has some really beautiful green eyes.
  12. You find 2 black books and think they’re the Books of Living and the Dead.
  13. At an abandoned shack near school, you find a sassy blonde woman kicking someone’s ass.
  14. You don’t have a very good relationship with your dad.
  15. Your little sister is the key to saving the world (or ending it).
  16. You lie to your dentist.
  17. You have a lot of really freaky dreams.
  18. Having a drink at Starbucks becomes surreal, when a 7 foot hairy man sits on a stool next to you.
  19. Leaving your friends to travel to another country becomes really dramatic.
  20. Your first kiss comes after watching a fashion show.

So you might be wondering what would’ve happened, had we actually given the series its proper send off.

Cut for spoilers!

Episode 21: Kidnapped (posted, but incomplete)
Anastasia is ordered by Bellatrix to kill Harry. Bella explains that such an act would be the ultimate test of loyalty to her. Using all of his power, relying heavily on the charm his mother used in her death to save him, Harry convinces Anastasia to come back to the light side. She does so with great difficulty. Bella threatens to kill her once and for all for her betrayal, but Rudolphus talks her out of it, saying she’s a lost cause. They continue to ravage their way through the wizarding world.

Episode 22: Free Your Mind
Anastasia returns to Hogwarts. She is unable to graduate with the others since she missed key NEWT classes. But she refuses to return home with her parents whilst her friends are still away at school. Most of the other parents are angry and fire off owls to the governors and letters to the Daily Prophet, demanding the immediate removal of Anastasia. It’s no secret that Ana had briefly joined the Death Eaters. Harry gives a rare interview to the Daily Prophet via Rita Skeeter, explaining that Ana has every right to be there and to live her life free of their criticism. He reminds them that Dumbledore believes in second chances, and so should they. The hate mail begins to die down after this interview.

Episode 23: Fear of Flying
The students take their NEWTs and graduate from Hogwarts. There is a lot of happiness, but a lot of sadness too, since this is the last time some of them will step into the castle for a long time. Harry is offered a job as an Auror and a spot as Seeker on several Quidditch teams. Hermione is offered a position at the Ministry, as is a very shocked Ron. Meliza plans to attend a Muggle university after her gap year. Anastasia is considered to be a loose cannon, and cannot get a job anywhere in the wizarding world, so her father offers her a job at his art gallery. Wesley and Buffy stay on as DADA teachers, and they get praised for not losing the joint position. Faith decides to stay on as karate teacher. Dumbledore gives another heartfelt farewell feast speech.

Episode 24: Goodbye Doesn’t Mean I’m Gone
Sofia and Draco’s wedding has a great sense of foreboding. Pansy and Meliza crash the wedding, but just as the ceremony is about to start, Sofia gets a letter from her “friend” and ditches Draco without saying why. Pansy – armed to the teeth with copies of all of Sofia’s secret letters – gives them to Draco. Meliza is feeling guilty now, realizing that she behaved like a spoilt child the whole year. Meliza says that they deserve a second chance, and Draco admits that she’s right. Narcissa disowns him, thinking all of her hard work in destroying the Covenant was for nothing. Draco replies that he would never have made a good Death Eater anyways. TAOD get owls from Pansy insisting they go to the Scottish castle the reception is being held at. They are surprised to see Meliza and Draco in each other’s arms. Even though Draco and Harry still hate each other, they reach an uneasy truce. TAOD agrees that Bellatrix may never be defeated like Voldemort was, but they will work together to keep her at bay for as long as they can.

You might be wondering about the secret letters Sofia was writing. Her secret friend was a female student from Beauxbatons. They had met during the Wizarding World Cup. I can’t find it in our files but I’m positive that was what we had decided on.

Severus and Sydney were to get married during the summer holidays.

Based on the creative energy that was TAOD, I was actually writing a spinoff series entitled “The Alliance of Destiny: Bounty Hunters.” It was to have focused on Otrere and Xander’s lives in New Orleans. This was the premise that I wrote for it:

After Lord Voldemort’s temporary banishment from the wizarding world, The Alliance of Destiny was put on hiatus. Harry Potter returned to the Dursleys to complete his mother’s sacrifice charm, Ron Weasley to the Burrow, Hermione Granger to her family, whilst Angel, Buffy Summers, Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, and Sydney Bristow stayed behind in Hogsmeade and attempted to live a normal life together.

Otrere Lysander (translated from Greek, her name means “nimble liberator”) – as she become known – was a Greek Amazon in her previous incarnation, bloodthirsty, loyal, and headstrong. She was murdered in cold blood after her tribe was infested by warring Roman conquerors. Otrere was cursed to live in purgatory until someone dared to open her crypt. That someone was Buffy Summers. Otrere inhabited Buffy’s body for a full month until Willow Rosenberg and Hermione Granger performed a complicated spell to restore Otrere to her own body. She immediately became a dear friend and useful ally of The Alliance of Destiny.

Eventually, Otrere found herself at a fork in the road of her life. Should she accept the Alliance’s invitation and stay battling demons in Hogsmeade with them or strike out on her own and find her place in the modern world?

Feeling her life would be better spent discovering herself, she left Hogsmeade on good terms.

Xander Harris, her confidant and another ally of the Alliance, joined her in her quest of self-discovery. Together they became demon bounty hunters.

This is their story.

I wanted to continue to write TAOD concurrently. You would’ve seen a lot of crossover while it was still a standalone series, like Angel was to Buffy, TV series-wise. However, my partner in crime, Miss Humaira K herself, gracefully bowed out of authoring Bounty Hunters, and eventually TAOD. It didn’t seem right to continue the spinoff without her, let alone the parent series.

From the bottom of my heart, I hope that you enjoyed TAOD. It represented an incredibly fruitful creative period in my life. I was struggling desperately to find my writing voice, and the series forced me to fine-tune what was simply bubbling under the surface. I stretched the boundaries of my writing, my graphic design skills, and made the most amazing friend in Humaira, though an ocean and several continents separate us. I enjoyed every second I spent authoring the show. My only hope is that it brought you as much joy as it did to me.

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  1. Omg! Gill I’m on the train right now so I can’t cry, but that was wonderful! I miss writing the series, but I’m honoured I got to work with you. I’m still in awe of your writing ability and look forward to seeing you become the published author I know you’re meant to be. *Hugs*

    1. Aww, don’t cry ’cause then I’ll cry. But I meant every word of it. We created something amazing, and I’m glad you asked me to join you on the journey. I was reading the files you posted in the Yahoo group, and our emails about where we wanted the series to go was all over the place! lol. Thank you for your kind words. I feel like I’m in a good place creatively and can finally channel everything into something that the world will want to read.

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