Episode 20: A Mother’s Love

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Written and Directed by Humaira K and Gill P

Guest starring
Cate Blanchett as Narcissa Malfoy
David Boreanaz as Angel
Elizabeth Hurley as Natasha Darcy
Mia Maestro as Nadia Santos
Liam Neeson as Gabriel Masterson
Lena Olin as Irina Derevko
Catherine Zeta-Jones as Lucia Barron

“Lucius, there’s something I have to tell you,” Narcissa began. It was another quiet dinner in the Malfoy manor. Julian was held up and would be late and insisted they start without him. She carefully set down the pot roast on the broad mahogany dining table to face him. Ever since Dobby had left, she had to do the cooking, which had been a great shock to her, but she had learned. He looked up from his salad to peer at her.

“Yes my love?” he asked gently. Lucius was sure that Narcissa would ream him for leaving her alone for days at a time. But his pursuit of Nadia Santos was becoming fruitful, in more ways than one.

Narcissa’s heart broke, but she held on. “The Covenant…”

“She sits in her armchair looking into space/Looking for a reason, to find her lost place/Feeling a little bit sad, but not really all that bad/Searching for a dream, a dream that she’s never had.”

“Yes, what about them?” he asked. It was no secret that the Covenant was losing power in the Muggle and wizarding worlds. Someone had been systematically assassinating the cell leaders. Whoever it was did was doing an amazing job. There was no evidence to prove it was wizard or Muggle. The organization was in shambles, waiting for a strong leader to take them over, which also freed him to focus on Nadia without further entanglement from them.

“I – I’ve found a way for us – for our family – to be free of them forever,” she explained, choosing her words carefully.

“Narcissa, what are you talking about?” Lucius asked gently.

“It’s me, I’ve been killing the Covenant leaders,” she said, almost proudly. There was no pride in taking another’s life, but it was either them, or have her family under their thumb for who knows how long. It had to end, she reminded herself. She was just helping it along.

“You – what?”

“I went to Lilah Morgan, my distant cousin, in America. But, it turns out she had died. So I fostered a deal that would eliminate them from our lives, with a man at her law firm, named Angel…”

“WHO?” Lucius said, standing bolt upright, his grey eyes flashing.

“An – Angel,” Narcissa said, tears appearing in the corner of her eyes.

“No, no, no,” Lucius said, shaking his head as he pushed his chair away to pace the floor. “Did I ever tell you the story of Lucius P. Malfoy?”

“No,” she said, sitting down to watch as he continued to pace the floor. It came out then; the whole story of why the name Angel was considered a dark part of the Malfoy family history. Little did Lucius know, she had helped Angel escape with the Book of the Dead from Malfoy Manor only last year. If she had to make a deal with the devil to protect her family, so be it.

“Darling, I didn’t know,” Narcissa said, reaching for him. “You never told me.”

Lucius enveloped her in his arms and held her tightly. “Now you know. You should’ve come to me,” he said.

“Trapped by your life/Life that’s unavoidable/Just to get by/To make it more affordable/Trapped by your life/That’s unavoidable/Just to get by/To make it more affordable.”

“I’m sorry Lucius, I didn’t know what to do! I just wanted you, Julian, and Draco to sleep at night knowing they would have no influence over you,” Narcissa said, crying into his robes.

“No, my love, I’m sorry. We should’ve never kept these secrets from each other.”

“No more secrets,” Narcissa said, through her tears.

“No more,” Lucius agreed. “There’s only two more cell leaders left. How are you going to go about eliminating them?”

“No,” Narcissa said. “This is my mission, and I don’t want you to get involved. Let me do it.”

* * *

“You’ll put yourself in danger,” said Lucia as she gazed at Gabriel. He had found her in her apartment, crying and just hugged her passionately which made her sob harder. Then he told her he loved her and if she could “put up with a git like me, will you still marry me?”

“Yes!” came her passionate reply. Now after they had made up properly, with much enthusiasm from both, they were having lunch and talking properly, honestly.

“I know, but I can’t let you do this alone. At least this way I can help out,” said Gabriel earnestly.

“She pinches herself because the thought it was make believe/Foolish girl her happiness she could not see/Always thought she’d be the one with endless chances/So she betrayed your trust and took your love for granted.”

Lucia sighed, “You have more to lose by joining the Order of the Phoenix, Gabriel. I have nothing except you; no children who are my whole world. You can’t do that to Oliver and Meliza.”

Gabriel didn’t say anything for a while and Lucia continued eating, thinking the matter settled. She was just about to ask what date they should set for the wedding when he said, “Meliza would understand. And so would Oliver. They’re both doing what I taught them to do. Stand up for the right thing. I can help Lucia, my skills as a Legilimens may come in useful and I have ties in the Muggle World that allow me to go in and out easily.”

“No Gabriel! I can’t lose you! If she finds out then you and your children are dead!” pleaded Lucia.

“She won’t! I’ll teach you to close your mind, we’ll use a Pensieve, I have one at home. We’ll do what it takes to bring that woman down, but I need to help. I can’t bear the thought of you going to her and me not being able to help at all.”

“She never really noticed the scent of your cologne/’Til it finally hit her that you were gone/I couldn’t believe that she was so naive/’Til I realized that she was me.”

“Oh Gabriel,” whispered Lucia as she came around to his side of the table. Kneeling she looked up at him and said, “I bind my soul to you, I bind my mind to you. Yours forever until the end of time.”

“I bind my soul to you, I bind my my mind to you. Yours forever until the end of time,” repeated Gabriel as he recognised the words.

“It’s an ancient binding spell. If anything happens to either of us, then the other will feel it. And we’ll know. It was also the predecessor to the marraige vows,” explained Lucia.

“I don’t wanna dance alone/Don’t wanna be on the floor without my baby/And since I can’t be with you/I haven’t had an appetite for nothing lately/I don’t wanna dance alone/Even the robins can’t sing a sad sad song/Can’t be alone don’t make me do it alone.”

Gabriel’s eyes sparkled as he said, “I know Mrs. Masterson.”

* * *

Narcissa received a coded transmission via owl from Angel. She Apparated as soon as she could get away, in her hand, a briefcase full of the latest round of Rambaldi intel she could glean from Lucius’ stash. Angel was waiting for her in his office, and she strode in confidently. She was sure that she would be praised for taking out the leaders of the Covenant so quickly and efficiently, along with her generous offerings of the Covenant’s intel on Rambaldi.

His face said otherwise, as she placed the briefcase on his desk.

Angel tossed a brand-new Muggle newspaper across the desk towards her. She picked it up, the foul-smelling thing. The pictures didn’t move, as she scanned the headline.

“Sleeping is giving in/no matter what the time is/Sleeping is giving in/so lift those heavy eyelids.”

‘Local politician assassinated!’ it said. It was her last murder, City Councilman Sean Patrick, who allowed the use of his city for the back alley dealings of the Covenant. She didn’t know what a councilman was, but he was Covenant, and lost his chance to live when his organization contracted her family against their will.

“So?” Narcissa said flippantly.

“Keep reading,” he said simply.

She scanned the text, and it was there in the second paragraph. ‘Evidence left at the scene of the crime has been sent to forensics for further analysis,’ it said.

“So?” Narcissa repeated.

“People say that you’ll die/faster than without water/But we know it’s just a lie/scare your son, scare your daughter.”

“I asked around. They found a strand of hair, Mrs. Malfoy, your hair,” Angel said politely. “If you’ll remember paragraph 5, subparagraph 4, bullet D clearly states that you can’t leave any evidence behind of your wrongdoing, blah blah blah, or your contract will become null and void.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You no longer have the blessings of the Senior Partners to continue on with your little murdering spree. You are to cease and desist immediately. We will take care of the evidence, however, and appreciate the amount of intel you have given us so far.”

She threw her hands up in the air. “Then I’ve achieved nothing. I’m just supposed to walk away? You’re completely mad. You and your Senior Partners!”

“You should’ve read the contract a little more closely, Mrs. Malfoy.”

“So I’m being penalized for something as trite as a strand of hair? You, I can’t even find the right words.” She stood up. “You’ve got a lot of nerve, contacting me and making me come here like this.” Narcissa stopped for the doors of his office.

“People say that your dreams/are the only things that save ya/Come on baby in our dreams/we can live our misbehavior.”

“Mrs. Malfoy, if you leave this building with the intent to assassinate the remaining two leaders of the Covenant, I cannot guarantee the Senior Partners will not retaliate.”

“Is that a threat, Mr. Angel?”

“It is not a threat,” he said evenly, “it’s a promise.”

* * *

Harry was getting very good at functioning despite how he was really feeling inside. Outside he seemed to be going back to routine, and his friends stopped glancing at him worriedly every five seconds. They now glanced at him every 30 seconds. It would soon subside to minutes.

But inside he was raging, sad, depressed and scared. He was scared that Anastasia had aligned herself with Bellatrix. He was angry with himself for not being able to find her and for the Headmaster to not give it more notice than was necessary, and he was angry that he hadn’t stopped her when he should have. In a way, he knew that joining the Alliance of Destiny had given Anastasia a taste for power, and her blind revenge on Bellatrix was a mask for a girl who was unsure of what that power meant.

Harry knew only too well what power meant. It meant destroying lives. It meant burdens falling on those who should never have had to shoulder them. It meant growing up an orphan.

Hermione looked up from her paper to check on Harry who was blankly staring into space again. He hadn’t even touched his scrambled eggs, which he had piled onto his plate. She sighed and nudged the paper towards him pointing at the headline.

“When I felt the pain the tears fell down like an ocean rained/Enough the fill the sea with my apologies/I have died inside and nobody knows/My life is gone with you and our tomorrows.”

“MUGGLE POLITICIANS ASSASINATED!” screamed the headline with rather still pictures of the politicians in question. It must have been an extremely slow news day for the staff at the Daily Prophet to try and link Bellatrix Lestrange to the assassinations. Some of the students reading the headlines tried to poke the pictures into moving with their wands. Gasps of surprise escaped when their Muggleborn counterparts patiently explained that they wouldn’t move. “Really? That’s so weird!” came one rather loud exclamation.

“Harry,” said Hermione as she tried to snap him out of his daze.

“Wha?” he asked blinking stupidly at her. He realised he must have spaced out and she was pointing at something. Harry stared intently at the headline and said, “Well at least she’s not dead.”

“Who?” asked Hermione already knowing the answer. It was their worst nightmare to open the paper and find out about Anastasia’s demise at the hands of Bellatrix, but so far Bellatrix had been quiet, and so had news of Anastasia.

“Anastasia,” said Harry grimly before reading the paper more carefully and frowning. “Why would Bealltrix be interested in Muggle politicians?”

Hermione shrugged, “She got involved with those Japanese wizards so maybe she’s moving into the Muggle world now.”

“Maybe, but wouldn’t we have heard from Sydney if she had?” queried Harry looking sceptically at the paper.

Before Hermione could reply, a large brown owl swooped in and delivered a letter and then flew out before Harry got a chance to say anything. Warily he opened the letter and gasped in surprise.

“What do I have to do to make the music right/How do I get it back to you and I/The foolish girl has risen from her dream/Now I realize how much you mean to me/Come back to me.”

“What?” asked Hermione urgently leaning over to try and read over his shoulder.

“It’s from Mrs. Darcy, she wants me to meet her at the Friends of Muggles offices tomorrow. She says she wants to talk to me.”

Hermione frowned, “Are you sure this isn’t a trap? Like that time Sydney tried to kill me?”

Harry looked surprised but handed the letter to Hermione for inspection. She muttered a few spells but couldn’t find any forgery in the letter.

“Maybe you’d best take Buffy or Wesley with you, you never know what might happen,” suggested Hermione.

“That’s not a bad idea. I’d better go and tell Professor McGonagall about this,” said Harry leaving the table.

* * *

Lucius waited quietly until Narcissa had left to wherever she was going. She was probably off to finish off the leaders of the Covenant. For some reason, it made him love her more, seeing what she would do for him and a boy that wasn’t her son.

“Kreacher,” he said in a commanding voice.

With a crack, Kreacher the house-elf appeared, digging his toe into the ground. “Yes Master who is married to a true Black?”

“Let us continue,” Lucius said. He held up three wizarding photographs: one of Irina Derevko, one of Sydney Bristow, and one of Nadia Santos. He came armed with visual aids this time. Lucius was exploiting every avenue to get his hands on Nadia. He and Julian were sure that she was the missing link to Rambaldi’s endgame. Now that the Covenant’s power was fractured, they could use Rambaldi’s work to assume power in the Muggle world. “Who is the one that is staying at Grimmauld Place?”

Kreacher squinted his big, watery eyes at the three photos. “Kreacher doesn’t know, Master.”

“Yes, you do, you loathsome idiot!” Lucius screamed, his impatience hitting a breaking point. How low he had sunk, depending on a worthless house-elf for information.

Kreacher flinched and backed off for a moment, before forcing himself to focus. The three humans in the photos all looked the same. He squinted and more or less pointed to Nadia’s photo. “Her.”

“Thank you,” Lucius said, letting out a sigh, “that will be all. Return to Grimmauld Place immediately. Place the Vanishing Cabinet in the attic. If anyone asks you where you have been, lie.”

Kreacher nodded, and with a crack, disappeared.

“Julian!” Lucius called, through the open door of the manor.

“Yes Father?”

“It’s been confirmed, son. It’s Nadia.”

“Thank Merlin. When do we move?”

“Soon, my boy, soon.”

* * *

Harry had never been to the Friends of Muggle offices and since Natasha had insisted on this meeting he led a bemused Buffy along with him to a non-descript building in central London. The sign on the door just said “Darcy Arts” but when he stepped inside, he noticed that the reception of the building was decidedly comfortable. The furniture looked well worn, bordering on shabby, and the walls were a non-descript beige colour.

He had a hard time adjusting his mental image, because Mrs. Darcy was such a beautiful, flighty woman he had assumed her offices would be opulently decorated with chandeliers and Persian rugs. But the reality was very different. The young receptionist was eyeing him with some wonder, so he assumed she was from the wizarding world. He stepped over and said politely, “Harry Potter to see Mrs. Darcy.”

“Uh-Y-Yes Mr. Potter. Mrs. Darcy will see you in a minute,” she stuttered staring at him with wide eyes. She had blonde hair and bright brown eyes, and didn’t look to be a natural blonde. She was dressed impeccably in a business suit and Harry’s eyes goggled as she turned to do something on her computer. Harry didn’t think anyone outside of Muggleborns knew what such a thing was let alone how to use it!

“I’ll wait out here,” said Buffy already making herself comfortable on the sofa and eyeing the magazines on display with some interest. “You need me, yell. Or not. You can do the whole brain talking thing as well.”

“You know how to use Legilimency?” asked Harry with surprise.

“Is that what it’s called? Yeah, me Willow and Xander use it to talk to each other sometimes, so I figured since you were a wizard you might know how to use it.”

I know how to use it, but it’s a very rare gift only to be used with extreme caution,” said Harry.

“Oh, I thought all wizards knew how to use it,” said Buffy shrugging her shoulders.

“If everyone knew how to use it, there’d be civil war!” chuckled Harry.

Buffy shrugged her shoulders with a smile and went back to reading the covers of the magazine.

“Mrs. Darcy will see you now,” said the receptionist, her tone now business like.

“Thank you,” he said as he stepped into the door marked “Natasha Darcy, Director.”

“Harry,” said Mrs. Darcy with a cheerful smile. He knew in reality it was forced and she looked exhausted. Clearly Anastasia’s disappearance had an effect on her mother.

“Mrs. Darcy,” said Harry warmly.

“We know each other too well for you call me Mrs. Darcy, please call me Natasha,” she said ushering him into a chair.

“I’d rather call you Mrs. Darcy if that’s OK. I don’t want to be too familiar until we get her back,” said Harry gently as he sat down. The offices were much the same as any offices. A desk, Natasha’s chair and another chair were in the small office for visitors. Other than that the walls were covered in clips from newspapers and magazines of Friends of Muggles activities as well as some clips of Alexander’s work from the Muggle world.

“Are you planning to marry my daughter?” asked Natasha directly.

“Only if she’ll have me Mrs. Darcy,” said Harry immediately without thinking.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I’m sorry to drag you here on your day off, but I couldn’t get away. This is a Friends of Muggles office as well as Alexander’s. Despite what’s happening in my personal life, Friends of Muggles must go on and though Alex is painting, it isn’t the same as before. Ever since the fashion show, we’ve been inundated with offers of help, questions, queries etc. But my daughter is more important to me,” she said sadly.

“She’s important to me too,” said Harry softly, his eyes watering.

“Then find her Harry! Find her and persuade her to come back. You’re meant to be together, and if she’s consorting with Bellatrix Lestrange that’s not going to happen! Bring my baby back Harry,” she said with tears in her eyes.

“I don’t know where she is,” said Harry gently.

“That locket? The one you gave her for Christmas, was she wearing that when she went with Bellatrix?” asked Natasha suddenly, her eyes taking on a wild hope.

“Yes, she said she’d wear it forever,” said Harry seeing where Mrs. Darcy’s line of reasoning was going.

“Find that and you’ll find her,” said Natasha with her first genuine smile for weeks.

“I will Mrs. Darcy, I will,” said Harry as a new hope began to swell in his heart.

* * *

Sydney snorted, and woke up with a start. She was reading any communique she could get her hands on regarding the strange Covenant leaders deaths’ and hoping that somehow Sark and Lucius were involved, but so far, no go. She looked around and actually had to remind herself that she was at home in L.A.

She smiled, trying to cling to the last threads of her dreams. This particular one was happy – for a change. She was at Hogwarts, in her professor robes, poring over a dusty tome and helping Severus with his grading. Even though he was half a world away now – both in mind and body – that dream made her happy.

She missed him, terribly.

“She looks in the mirror/Her reflection’s someone old/Seeing days go by/She don’t need to be told/Feeling a little bit sad/She cries and packs her bags/Remembering a dream/A dream that she’ll never have.”

She stood up, and turned the teapot on, hoping that a hot glass of tea would calm her down. “What I wouldn’t do for some Butterbeer,” she said aloud. There had been a thought brewing in her mind for some weeks now that she couldn’t deny it any longer; she belonged to Hogwarts, and it to her.

L.A. had changed in the time she had been gone. The smoggy air smelled different, the people behaved differently, even braving the traffic was different. She had spent her whole life looking for a place to belong. She thought she found it in SD-6, and later the CIA. But maybe, just maybe, Hogwarts was where she really belonged.

She heard a strange tapping in her ear. Since she had the good sense not to give Nadia their mother’s earrings, she wore them almost every day now. The tapping was Morse code. Sydney lunged for a kitchen drawer, and pulled a pad of paper out, and a pencil. Scribbling furiously, she stopped when the taps stopped. Using a cipher, she decoded it and smiled when she realized what it said.

“Don’t let him get away.”

For some reason, those five words made everything crystal clear. The teapot sang behind her, and she shut it off. She gathered up her jacket and her purse and left for the airport. She had some unfinished business in England.

“Where will she go/(But it ain’t that easy)/How long till she comes home/(Cause it’s all too sleazy)/Maybe she’ll make it/Will she or maybe not, what?”

Elsewhere, on a pier in the heart of Greece, Irina Derevko was secretly meeting with the remaining two heads of the Covenant.

“Gentlemen, in exchange for your lives, I demand whatever remains of your fractured organization. Your liquid assets, your contact lists, your weapons cache, your personnel list… and whatever’s left of Julian Sark’s inheiritance.”

The two men looked at each other. They knew they had no choice. It was either shut down the Covenant permanently, or risk being murdered. They turned to Irina and nodded.

“Thank you.”

* * *

Kreacher returned to Grimmauld Place as he was ordered.

“Kreacher listens only to the blood of his mistress,” he mumbled under his breath. “Kreacher listens to no one but her, and him, and her…”

“Kreacher!” Nadia said, as she turned a corner, surprised to see the little house elf.

“The Muggle dares to speak to Kreacher?” he said, holding his nose in the air as he walked past. “Well he shan’t speak to her!”

Nadia shrugged, already used to his indifference towards her. Tonks told her it was hate, and probably a little bit of madness at having being locked up for so long. Nadia made her way to the musty library, for her daily reading hour. Reading up on the magical world made the time pass.

Her favorite was Gilderoy Lockhart’s autobiography, Magical Me, her guilty pleasure. Remus had explained to her that Harry and Ron helped reveal that he was a total fraud in their second year, and somehow it made the book that much more exciting to read. Tonks explained the lengths he went to prove he was who he said he was, and how he ended up in St. Mungo’s. Her heart went out to him when she heard that story, and read the book again in a different light.

Long ago, Kreacher hid his master’s Vanishing Cabinet in a part of the house the mudbloods hadn’t thought to clean out when they were here the last time. The house elf cringed when he thought of all the gingers, and the mudblood, and all the others invading his lady’s house and defiling it with their presence.

He mumbled a few nonsense words, as he used his house elf magic to lift the cabinet from its hiding place to position it in the middle of the attic of number twelve. That was the place the true Black’s husband had ordered him to. He used his magic to lift it because if they heard him dragging it across the floorboards, he was sure they would come running and want an black blanket, just in case.

Pleased with his work, he returned to lurk in the shadows of the library, and spy on the Muggle. If he could get her out of his house, he would do anything in his power.

Fade out

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