Episode 13: Mad About the Boy

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Written and Directed by Humaira K and Gill P

Guest starring
Cate Blanchett as Narcissa Malfoy
Lena Olin as Irina Derevko
Mia Maestro as Nadia Santos

“Julian,” Narcissa began quietly, as she came upon him in the Malfoy castle’s library. Sark was poring over another magical text about Rambaldi, and welcomed the distraction.

“Yes, Mother?”

“Who runs the Covenant?”

Sark hid a smile. “As far as I was briefed, which wasn’t much to begin with, there are six Covenant leaders. Their names are listed within the Doleac Agenda, which is also their operations manual.”

“And where would one find the agenda?” Narcissa asked, keeping her voice light as she gripped the chair in front of her to keep her balance. This is exactly what she needed to hear.

“In several international locations that change every 72 hours,” Julian replied. “The location depends on which leader is in charge of it. However, I have it on good authority that it’s a safety deposit box in St. Petersburg right now.”

“I’ve been hoping everyday that you would come my way/My dreams came true the minute I laid my eyes on you/You excite me in every way, your aura is bombay/and you’ve got me mad, I’m proud to lay next to you.”

“How do you know all of that?”

“Being the sole provider of the Covenant’s money has its perks,” he said with a grin. “After I found out what happened to the man who gave me half of my genes, they wanted the money I inherited from him in exchange for my life. That’s why I came back home so suddenly. I needed a place to escape.”

“And to help Lucius and the Dark Lord,” Narcissa added.

“And help Father and the Dark Lord,” Sark agreed. He looked up at his stepmother’s face. “Why does the Covenant interest you all of a sudden?”

“Oh, just a curious woman’s mind wandering,” she said, shrugging. “I’ll admit it does get boring in the castle whilst you and Lucius are gallivanting on another mission to help either the Dark Lord, the Covenant, and even my sister.”

“Yes, Bella,” Sark said, his own mind wandering for a moment.

“I’ll leave you to it then,” Narcissa said, releasing her death grip on the wooden high-backed chair.

“All right. If you have any more questions about the Covenant, just let me know.”

“My heart pulsates with every touch, this feeling is too much/I’m scaratchin up the walls, you got me crazy in my head/The heat between us is outta hand, I need you to understand/the way about you baby..”

“Thank you, Julian. I’ll be sure to remember that.”

* * *

“Hey,” said Nadia rounding a corner with two cups of tea in her hand. Sydney looked up and smiled thankfully. Christmas was not going as she imagined and it was all the Malfoys’ fault. Sark and Lucius had broken the man she loved and although he trusted her, he didn’t know her.

He couldn’t remember the life they had shared, the pain they had experienced, and the joys of finding each other. It was all getting a little too much for Sydney as she tried not to cry again.

Nadia sensed that her sister was once again thinking about her lover and tried to distract her, “What have you been doing since I’ve been gone? I want to know everything. It’s pretty boring being stuck in Grimmauld Place.”

Sydney took a deep breath and silently thanked Nadia for the distraction. “Well I started teaching Muggle Studies from the Fall term. You wouldn’t believe how little Wizarding children know about our world,” started Sydney.

“And we know so little about theirs,” interrupted Nadia with a smile.

“Hail to the light, that my baby’s watchin’ me/In the darkness of the window/I can hardly get to sleep/Wish for the hour, that the nighttime soon shall pass/And the morning dew will bring us/to a day our souls can lift.”

Sydney smiled genuinely for the first time since she had seen Severus, “Right. So basically I teach them about stuff we take for granted like how cars work and simple stuff like what the point is of a stereo. They’d never even heard of CDs before I introduced them during class. The class went wild! That’s the thing I love about teaching, seeing the joy on the kids face when they discover something new.”

Nadia smiled at her sister and said, “That sounds like fun. What would you have done, if you hadn’t started this whole spying thing?”

“Teach. It’s always been my dream to teach. I grew up believing Mom was an English literature professor. And after she died, I wanted to carry on in her footsteps, to be what she was.”

“And then you found out what she really was. Do you think that, that part of her life was as fake as the rest of it? When you were growing up, did she seem happy to you?”

“Mom and Dad were happy. I think that’s why my dad hates her, she gave him some of the happiest years of his life, only to find out it was all a lie.”

Nadia stared thoughtfully at the floor, “If Mom hadn’t lied, do you think she would have kept me?”

Sydney turned to stare at her sister, “It took me nearly 20 years to find you Nadia. I know it must have been heartbreaking for Mom to part with you. No matter what she is, she’s still our mother. And she wouldn’t have let you go.”

Nadia let the thought comfort her and then said, “I want to meet him.”

“Who, Severus? You’ve already met him and he’s doing a session right now,” said Sydney.

“No, I want to meet my father,” Nadia said turning to stare at Sydney, “I need to find out where I belong.”

“Why?” blurted Sydney as she stared horror struck at Nadia. Her sister avoided her gaze and looked straight ahead.

“You’ve known a father Sydney, and I envy the relationship you have with him. I haven’t ever had the love of mother or father. I was told I was an orphan and I made my life that way,” explained Nadia. “But to suddenly find out that both my mother and father are alive, it felt like some part of me was finally unlocked. The part that knew that I wasn’t just an orphan. Why else would people inject me with the serum all the time?”

Sydney stayed silent throughout. It was confusing her why her sister wanted to meet Arvin Sloane, the man who had destroyed her first life. Why was it that someone always had to come and destroy her happiness? What did the universe have against her being happy?

“You said to me once you wouldn’t stop me if I wanted to go see my father. I realise circumstances are…difficult for me to meet him but I’d like to,” said Nadia with a hopeful look upon her face.

Sydney sighed wearily, “Nadia, I won’t stop you. But you know what kind of man he is, you know what he’s done.”

“Love has a reason/there’s a meaning to the world/we’re giving love (yeah).”

“Everyone deserves a second chance Sydney, even my father,” Nadia shot back. She left the room before she said anything she would regret.

* * *

Narcissa made plans to leave for St. Petersburg immediately. She wasn’t quite sure what she planned to do when she got there, but she knew it meant she was one step closer to bringing the Covenant down.

She made sure Julian was where she left him, and quickly dressed in a Muggle outfit she had seen in a book. So constricting, she thought. Just as she was about to Apparate from her bedchamber, Julian swung open the door.

“Narcissa, I want to go with you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“To take down the Covenant. That’s where you’re going, isn’t it.”

“Julian, this is not up for discussion. This is my cause. Let me do this on my own.”

“For a mother, you’re not very sharp. I know the Covenant. I can get the agenda. Let me help you.”

“What if I don’t want your help?”

Sark shook his head. “You’ll need me. Trust me.”

“Mad about you baby, mad about you baby/I want you for my boo, I’m so in love with you/Mad about you babe, mad about you baby/You got me sprung on you, you’re all I wanna do.”

Narcissa sighed resignedly. “All right, come closer,” she said. Sark did as he was told. “But don’t tell your father. He wouldn’t like this at all.” Sark nodded.

“Take a deep breath,” she instructed, as she shut her own eyes to imagine St. Petersburg in her mind. They disappeared into thin air.

* * *

“I can get us in,” Narcissa said confidently.

“Mother…” Sark began.

The procurement of the Doleac Agenda was not going to be an easy task. After breaking a few legs, and knocking a few thugs out with magical means, Narcissa and Sark had made their way to the Northwestern Investment and Industrial Bank. The intel they had gathered gave them the impression the agenda would be leaving the facility under armed guards in less than 24 hours.

“It’s been ten long years since I’ve been home/I’ve been waiting here with nowhere to go/It’s an occupation I don’t like/But it pays the rent and turns on the light.”

There was another way to get the names of the six Covenant leaders, however, Sark had forfeited to mention this possibility to Narcissa a long time ago. Lauren Reed knew the names of the cell leaders he did not. Trying to break her out of federal prison would be much more complicated than simply retrieving the agenda on his own, and before the CIA.

“What?” Narcissa said, her temper flaring.

“I apologize,” Sark said immediately. “How do you propose we go in?”

“With this,” she said, tapping his head with her wand. It felt as though cold water was being poured on him, as he slowly became invisible in the dark alley behind the bank.

“Merlin’s beard, that’s cold,” Sark commented.

“The Disillusionment charm will do that, my dear,” Narcissa said, as she did it to herself.

They crept towards the front doors of the bank. It was getting ready to close, and people were leaving as their shifts ended. They merely walked inside, and followed one of the night guards down to the underground vaults.

Sark activated a small chaff grenade, which shut the cameras off and temporarily knocked out the guard’s short-wave radio. The muffled transmissions from the radio ceased to chirp. Narcissa snapped her wand at the guard, who fell to the ground in a heap.

“Quickly,” Sark said. “Box 847.”

Narcissa tapped the lock with her wand, and it gave easily. Inside was a computer disc.

“What’s this?” she asked, taking it up in her hands and examining the small circular Muggle object in her hand.

“I know what to do with it Mother. Let’s go,” he said, just as the alarms began to blare. He slammed the lock box shut, and took off for the door, Narcissa on his heels.

“I told you so/It has to be/Cut loose and runaway with me/We’ll go out every night/I’ll be there by your side/And we’ll all get high down the old west side.”

Guards threw open the door, and Sark and Narcissa fled the vault in silence, and out the front doors into the dark cold St. Petersburg night.

* * *

Nadia needed to get away. Sydney just didn’t understand. All her life, she considered herself an orphan. Alone in the world. No one to guide her, nothing. When she’s finally informed she has a family, one of them has the nerve to question her intentions. It sickened her. If this was what family was all about, then she should’ve stayed an orphan. So she walked to clear her head. Nadia didn’t know where she was walking, but she just didn’t want to be in Hogwarts just then.

“Nadia?” a soft voice whispered behind her. Nadia turned, and saw a violently pink haired woman smiling gently at her.

“Nymphadora,” Nadia said quietly, lost in her thoughts.

“How many times have I told you?” Tonks scolded her gently. “Just call me Tonks.” They were about the same age, and all the time they had spent together at Grimmauld Place brought them together like sisters. “Something’s wrong. I can tell.”

“Situation: candle light/enough to see the bits around you/but it’s never very bright/Stare at a memory/through the grapevine heard the truth/It’s good to learn from your mistakes/but that only works in youth.”

“My father,” Nadia replied. “I was talking about him to Sydney, and she doesn’t want to understand.”

“I think your sister knows you better than you give her credit for. I’m only an innocent bystander in all of this, but your father is not perfect,” Tonks advised her. “He has done more harm than good in your world.”

“I know. I know! People keep telling me this. I don’t care what he’s done. Isn’t he allowed a second chance? Professor Dumbledore believes in second chances, doesn’t he?”

“Yes he does,” said Tonks gently. “Are you prepared to deal with the heartache he may cause you?”

“I’m ready for anything. Can I meet him?” Nadia asked.

“Your mother’s still looking for you. We don’t know what she plans to do with you, if she finds you. I don’t think it would be wise.”

“So you just want me to surrender my life to Grimmauld Place again, is that it?”

“You’re making me out to be the bad guy here, Nadia, and that’s not what I’m trying to do.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I just – I don’t know how much more I can take of this solitude. I’m going crazy. At least you and Remus get to leave to do business for the Order. Me, I’m alone with that crazy woman’s portrait… and the house-elf that – I think – wants to kill me in my sleep.”

Tonks chuckled. “Kreacher belongs to Harry, as does Grimmauld Place. Remember, he can’t do anything unless his master orders him so. I don’t think Harry would let him harm you in any way.”

“How much longer?” Nadia asked.

Tonks looped her arm around Nadia’s. “As long as it takes.”

“Love has a reason/there’s a meaning to the world/We’re giving love/Giving love/Giving love/Giving love.”

Nadia nodded, and followed silently as Tonks led her back to the hospital.

* * *

“I think I’m going to be sick,” Narcissa said, her face going pale.

They had Apparated to Central Park in New York City. After holing up in a Plaza hotel suite, Sark took nearly half the day to crack the CD-ROM (he called it). It had a heavy duty MD5 military grade encryption on it. Of course, all of these Muggle terms were lost on her.

The Doleac Agenda revealed that the Covenant cell leaders carried information to open the Covenant headquarters in St. Petersburg on wristbands they wore. The first name on the list was Brandon Rose.

“Mother,” Sark began softly. “Are you losing your nerve?”

“No I’m not losing my nerve!” Narcissa snapped. She sat down abruptly though. She had seen death, but she was merely a sympathizer of the Dark Lord’s cause. Lucius never allowed her to see the death and mayhem the Death Eaters caused. She heard of it second-hand. To actually participate in the ending of an innocent Muggle’s life was somewhat of an alarming idea to her.

“If it ain’t the job and it ain’t the place/But I must stay for your pretty face/It’s a bad reaction I can’t fix/You conned me with those feline tricks.”

“He’s not innocent, Mother,” Sark coaxed her gently. She peered up to her eldest son, wondering how he read her mind just now. “The Covenant are second-rate terrorists, certainly, but they are not beneath the torture and death of other innocents to get what they want. It’s only a matter of time before they enter the wizarding world, and do Merlin knows what to us. They might have plans to enslave magical animals, harness wizarding powers for their own ends. I don’t know.”

Sark knew he would need to play all of his cards to get his mother’s heart back into their mission. He took a deep breath. “Why do you think they want Miss Bristow and Miss Santos so much? They are key to another facet of Rambaldi’s endgame. From what I understand, Rambaldi figured out a way to break the seal separating the Muggle world and the wizarding world permanently. Miss Bristow and Miss Santos figure heavily into his writings concerning this. Would you want Draco to live in a world like that? Where Muggles and wizards lived together?”

Narcissa winced. She was doing this for her son, for her family, even her sisters. It repeated like a mantra in her head. “For Draco, for Draco…”

“If the Covenant is allowed to continue to exist, they most certainly will get their hands on Miss Bristow and Miss Santos. Together, their lives – perhaps even their deaths – will break the seal separating our worlds. We cannot allow the Covenant this edge. If we can stop this from happening, we should do everything in our power to prevent it from happening.”

“And I told you so/It’s a crazy world/For a mixed-up guy/And a no-good girl.”

Narcissa set her sharp jaw, nodding. “You’re right. Let’s go.”

* * *

Sark and Narcissa took a Muggle train to their first premeditated murder. Sark carefully put his trench coat on his chair, when he got the overwhelming feeling that he was being watched. As smooth as he could, he looked up and nearly lost his nerve.

Irina Derevko – in the flesh – was staring at him. She nodded her head in one firm nod, and Sark understood. She wanted him to follow her.

“And I told you so/It’s a crazy world/For a mixed-up guy/And a no-good girl.”

“Mother, I’ll be right back,” Sark said, without any further explanation.

“Julian?” she asked, surprised as his abrupt words. Narcissa was scared about being left alone on a Muggle train, but she watched as her eldest walked away. The way he spoke to her then – so coldly – piqued her interest. She waited until he had moved to the other car, and trailed him. She cast the Disillusionment charm on herself before she entered the next car.

Irina smiled, as Sark entered the luggage car. She kissed him gently on the cheek. She still wore the same light perfume as she had on the first day they met. “Julian, it’s good to see you again.”

“Irina, I haven’t seen you in years. Where have you been?” Irina studied his face as she spoke. He had aged; not a lot, but some. His movements were still the same cocky bravado she had trained him in. There was a darkness in his eyes she hadn’t noticed before. Perhaps he had his heart broken, finally.

“Searching for my daughters, just like you and your employers have. I know you know where they are.”

Sark kept his cool. Of course, that’s why Irina would track him down like she had. “Even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.”

Irina smirked. “Try me.”

“I told you so/It has to be/Cut loose and run away (run away) with me/We’ll go out every night/I’ll be there by your side/And we’ll all get high down the old west side.”

“Your daughters have been ensconced in the wizarding world for the last two years. That’s why you haven’t been able to find them in the Muggle world.”

“Wizarding world? Muggle? That’s news to me.”

“Yes, the wizarding world,” a new voice said. Irina looked, and saw nothing, but nearly jumped back when a woman appeared out of thin air. The skinny blonde woman brought a thin stick she held in midair and placed it inside her long jacket. She went to stand beside Sark.

“Irina, allow me to introduce you to my mother. Narcissa Malfoy, this is my former employer, Irina Derevko.”

The women eyed each other warily. “I know you only by reputation, Miss Derevko,” Narcissa said sweetly.

“Funny,” Irina said coolly, “I wish I could say the same.”

“Long story short,” Sark began, “Lucius Malfoy – the man I consider my father over Lazarey – adopted me as his own son. I consider Narcissa to be my mother, as she is Lucius’ second wife.”

“Now that we’ve got my son’s sad heritage out of the way,” Narcissa said. “What do you want with him?”

“Julian has heard my offer,” Irina said, speaking directly to Narcissa. “I await his response.”

Sark thought quickly. “It’s a fool’s quest, Irina. I have tried to find them for the past year.”

“Very well. I will continue to try and find them my own way.” Irina made a move to walk away.

“You will not succeed,” Narcissa said darkly.

“You haven’t heard my offer,” Sark added at the same moment.

“What? Join the Covenant?” Irina said, laughing coldly and ignoring Narcissa. Sark kept his poker face on. He shouldn’t have been surprised when she knew what he was going to say. “What can they offer me that I cannot do for myself?”

“Security, more resources, a direct connection to me and my ability to come and go through the wizarding world as I please.”

“I make the deals here, Julian, not you.” She shook her head. “I appreciate the offer, but I can’t.” She made another move to walk away.

Narcissa placed a hand on his shoulder, and squeezed gently. “She’s a lost cause. Let’s continue with our business.”

“Down the old west side/Down the old west side/Down the old west side.”

Sark nodded, and led the way to their seats.

Narcissa felt a hand on her shoulder. She jumped and tried to turn, wand in hand, but the hand kept her faced forward.

“Take care of him for me, okay?”

Narcissa nodded, wondering if she was allowed to speak. When the hand released its grip, she whipped around, her wand at the ready. But Irina had disappeared. Narcissa smiled to herself, and followed her son back.

* * *

Brandon Rose chatted animatedly to his colleagues at the charity ball. Though he was a cell leader of the Covenant, he also enjoyed a life as a banker, philanthropist, and family man. In fact, none of his family or his colleagues knew of his double life as one leader of a worldwide terrorist organization. Tonight, one of his charities was being honoured by some animal rights group for something or another. Frankly, he didn’t care. He had other things on his mind.

He received a frightening coded e-mail message two hours before. The Doleac Agenda had been compromised. He and the other Covenant cell leaders were going to be targeted, as sure as the sun rose in the east every morning. Rose hired more security, but he didn’t know when they would come for him. Standing around, waiting to be plucked off, was an excruciatingly painful thought and not high on his to-do list for the night.

Narcissa and Sark snuck into the ball with ease. Using the dossier the Doleac Agenda provided, they managed to pick Rose out of the crowd of hundreds.

The plan went off without a hitch. A small fire, set off by Narcissa’s Incendio charm, ruined the buffet table. In the ensuing madness, Sark whispered in Rose’s ear, “If you want the Doleac Agenda, you will come with me now.”

Rose turned to see his whisperer in the face, but the tall, blonde man had already turned around. Rose adjusted the tuxedo jacket over his portly frame, and followed, trying to keep his cool. Narcissa tailed them to a back room, formerly known as an old ballroom.

A column of light illuminated the centre of the dusty room, its furniture covered in dirty white sheets. Narcissa remained in the shadows, as Sark took his place in the light, and turned his icy eyes to the fat man who crept inside the room.

“What do you want?” Rose began.

“Must we have these pleasantries, Mr. Rose? Give me your wristband.”

“And if I don’t?”

“You die.”

“And if I do?”

“You die. I want the Covenant destroyed, you see, so allowing you to live to see another day wouldn’t do me a bit of good. You’ll merely recoup, and rebuild. I can’t have that.”

“Sark…” Rose said, his face registering the one that stared at him so hatefully. “Julian Sark. They told me about you.”

“My fame precedes me,” Sark said dryly. “Now are you going to surrender your wristband?”

“No,” Rose replied, as he frantically pressed the panic button retrofitted into his college graduation ring his security forces gave him for circumstances like this. “In fact, you’re not leaving this room.”

“Is that a promise?” Sark asked. He gave a firm nod to something or someone over Rose’s shoulder.

Narcissa breathed deeply, and snapped her wand. “Avada Kedavra.”

Rose jerked forward as though something stabbed him, but there was no blood. He died instantly. Sark leaned down and entered a code to remove the wristband. Narcissa rushed towards him, and clutched him tightly.

“For Draco,” she whispered, as she took a deep breath.

They Apparated before Rose’s security forces could storm the room.

Fade out

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