Episode 1: Welcome Back

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Written and Directed by Humaira K and Gill P

Guest starring

Eliza Dushku as Faith Lehane
Colin Firth as Alexander Darcy
Michael Gambon as Albus Dumbledore
Elizabeth Hurley as Natasha Darcy
Liam Neeson as Gabriel Masterson

“So this is where you’ve been hiding out B?” asked a shadow out of the corner of Buffy’s eye. Her keenly honed senses stopped her from kicking Faith down onto the grass.

“I haven’t been hiding Faith,” said Buffy walking over to the other Slayer, no wariness or disgust showed in her emotions despite their history. Faith was surprised to find her demeanour almost serene.

“Then why aren’t you in Cleveland helping to build the new Watchers Council?” asked Faith in an aggressive tone. It had been a long flight here and she was already tired from the jet lag. Added to the fact it had been nearly impossible to find this place, a favour for someone she hadn’t expected to ask her but it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

“I’m not aware of too many things/I know what I know, if you know what I mean”

Buffy sighed and looked at the ground. The warm night air, tickled her face as it swept past her on its continuous journey around the world. Tomorrow the Hogwarts students would come back and already her life was becoming more complicated with the arrival of Faith.

“What are you doing here Faith?” she asked, hoping to change the subject. Buffy started to walk away from the graveyard, without any kids to terrorise, the vampire and demon activity was nearly zero in Hogsmeade. Angel and Wesley had already given up halfway through patrol, but she didn’t feel like facing her empty bed until she had exhausted herself.

“What are you doing here Buffy?” countered Faith following Buffy’s brisk pace without breaking a sweat.

Buffy smiled genuinely, “Becoming a teacher.”

Faith stopped. This was the last answer she’d expected from Buffy. “What?!”

“Come on, I’ll explain when we get to the house. You’re probably hungry and tired from the flight. I’ll get the guest bedroom set up for you,” said Buffy avoiding the question again.

“You a teacher?” asked Faith trying not to laugh. This was not what she imagined Buffy to be doing. She had come ready to fight Buffy. To persuade her to fight the good fight with the new Council, even though she herself was tired of fighting. But this was what they did as Slayers. They fought, they never got to rest until now.

“Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box/Religion is the smile on a dog”

Buffy didn’t say anything but continued on her way. Seeing her reaction had not provoked any kind of emotion from her, Faith followed at her heel. The Scottish night was crisp and clear, with the last vestiges of summer leaving for sunnier climes as the chilly winter wind embraced the town of Hogsmeade with open arms.

“What are you doing here Faith?” asked Buffy turning around and causing Faith to crash into her.

“What I am is what I am/You are what you are or what?”

Faith glared at her as she picked herself up, “Got a message for Wesley. That skinny chick he’s with? She’s dead.”

* * *

“Hey,” said Sydney causing Severus to turn around. He smiled at the sight of her arms loaded with her meagre belongings. Her simple t-shirt and jeans made him smile even more, it was the only time Sydney seemed relaxed.

“You should have called me. I could have shrunk these for you,” said Severus taking the boxes out of her arms. Sydney smiled gently, but clearly there was something niggling at the back of her mind.

“Hopin’ for the sun one rainy day/wishin’ that the rain would go away/So many tears pourin’ down on me/you wrapped your arms around me/you engaged me in the dance.”

Severus sat down next to her and waited in silence until she was ready to talk. The past summer had been interesting. Meeting her father the most…and of course asking her to move in with him the biggest change in his life.

“I’m not sure whether I’m cut out to be a teacher,” said Sydney finally looking up at him with unsure eyes. She reminded him of the innocent girl he had seen glimpses of in Jack Bristow’s home.

“Why would you think that? You’re over qualified if anything. A masters degree in English is a very big achievement, and you can teach these ignorant children that Muggles are mostly harmless,” he said with a small quirk of his lips.

“But what if I can’t control them? What if they don’t respect me because I’m not a proper witch…” questioned Sydney’s vulnerable gaze.

“Hopin’ for this love to come my way/lonely was the price I had to pay/I stood alone and waited/for my prince to make me his lady/And you gave this love a chance.”

Severus clasped her hand and turned to face her, “Sydney you are the most remarkable woman I have ever met. You are physically and emotionally strong enough to tell those children who is the teacher and who is the student. I’m sure you will make an excellent teacher; this is your dream Sydney. Circumstances in your life may have altered the exact dream I admit,” he said with a sly smile, “But it is still your dream to teach. You have a gift for guiding and commanding, which is what a teacher does. Whatever way you feel is best to teach these children, do it. If you feel you cannot do it, then no-one will think any less of you.”

Sydney smiled her first genuine smile of the day. Wrapping her arms around Severus’s tall body she scooted into his lap as he held her.

“Muggle Studies teacher huh? Do you think my mom would be proud of me?” she asked with pain in her voice. Already he could sense her top lip wobbling as she thought about her mother and most probably her sister.

“I haven’t seen the rain or cloudy skies, since I found you/I haven’t seen a tear fall from my eye, since I found you/I’m never home alone at night, since I found you/I hope you never leave my side, you brighten up my life.”

“I’m sure she would Sydney,” said Severus kissing the top of her head and holding on to her tighter.

* * *

Wesley stared out of the window of their cottage. He wasn’t sure what he was looking at, but it kept his eyes busy whilst Faith recounted the possession of Fred by a demon called Illyria.

“I have to go back,” Wes stated, turning away from the window as he spoke.

“Wesley, the new term at Hogwarts starts tomorrow,” Buffy reminded him. “Remember? DADA?”

“DADA?” Faith piped up, confused.

“All men have secrets and here is mine/So let it be known/For we have been through hell and high tide/I think I can rely on you/And yet you start to recoil/Heavy words are so lightly thrown/But still I’d leap in front of a flying bullet for you.”

“Defence Against the Dark Arts. Wes and I are going to be teaching it this year,” Buffy explained happily. She hadn’t really had time at all this past summer to digest the fact that she was a teacher. But it was nice to see Faith’s reaction when she told her earlier that day.

“You’ll just have to teach it without me for a few days,” Wesley replied stubbornly.

“I’ll go with you,” Angel replied.

And that’s how the two men found themselves, side by side, on a plane bound for LA.

“Angel!” Gunn greeted him. “Wesley…” his voice trailed off as he looked at his friend, knowing full well why they were there. “I’m sorry. I signed for the coffin. Fred opened it and… I shouldn’t have signed for it.”

“Where is she?” Angel replied.

“In Fred’s, um, the lab.”

Wesley immediately took off for Fred’s lab.

“So, what difference does it make/So, what difference does it make/It makes none/But now you have gone/And you must be looking very old tonight.”

Pacing the floor in front of the crypt was Illyria, who gazed at them darkly. “Who are you?”

“Fred?” Wesley whispered, unable to see that Fred was gone.

“I am Illyria, human. Who are you?” she demanded again.

Wesley turned away.

Angel then tried a hand. “Fred, um, Illyria? Hi, I’m Angel.”

Illyria simply scoffed.

Wesley’s heart broke. She looked like Fred, she sounded like Fred. He allowed Angel to grab his arm and lead him away to talk amongst themselves.

“I should’ve come back, after we sent Voldemort to the shrimp dimension. There’s nothing left for me in Hogsmeade anymore.”

“So what are you saying?” Wesley replied.

“I’m staying in LA. There’s things I’ve gotta do here. I did what I could at Hogwarts, but I belong here.”

“So, what difference does it make/Oh, what difference does it make/Oh, it makes none/But now you have gone/And your prejudice won’t keep you warm tonight.”

Wesley looked over at his shoulder to Illyria, who suddenly gained an interest in what they were saying. “Funny, I was about to say there’s nothing left in LA for me. I’m going back to Hogsmeade.”

* * *

Harry Potter stared out of his window at Privet Drive, waiting for the usual excited thrills in his stomach when his impending return to Hogwarts was only days away. Instead of thrills, he felt calm.

‘Maybe I’m finally growing up,’ he mused, grinning at Hedwig, who sensed her master’s bottled up energy and flitted about her cage noisily. ‘Hogwarts is my home, and I’ll always find some way to go back.’ He dreaded the upcoming NEWTS, but Hermione promised to help him study, and Anastasia would help too. Harry blushed scarlet behind his glasses. ‘Anastasia…’ he thought dreamily, before something caught his eye and distracted him.

“Glamorous/Indie rock ‘n’ roll is what I need/It’s in my soul, it’s what I need/Indie rock ‘n’ roll, it’s time.”

He gazed down at the wizarding picture of James and Lily from the photo album Hagrid gave him at the end of first year. ‘I think they’d be damn proud of me,’ Harry thought. He had faced down Voldemort four times in his seventeen years. Then he peered at the photo of Sirius, sitting in its own frame beside his parents’ frame. ‘He’d be proud of me too,’ he thought.

Harry flopped onto his bed and stared up at the ceiling. The summer had been a great one. Since Harry understood the sacrifice charm his mother had completed on his behalf when he was a baby, he would only have to return to Privet Drive once a year and protect him from Voldemort. Now that Voldemort was gone, he was warned by the Order of the Phoenix that he still had to contend with the Death Eaters, so Harry went back to Privet Drive.

“Flipping through a thrift store magazine/She plays the drums, I’m on tambourine/Bet your, your bottom dollar on me.”

But now that Harry was nearly of age, he spent most of the summer in the wizarding world, even visiting Anastasia at her home several times. Harry thought Mrs. Darcy would die of happiness every time she saw him. Anastasia had handed him the gossip pages of the Daily Prophet, and it hinted that he had a girlfriend. Anastasia swore never to speak to the papers, but warned him that Natasha probably would. So far, no one mentioned her name, and Harry was pleased.

He and Ron attended a Chudley Cannons game, where Ron got a kiss from one of the female players that appeared on the front page of the Daily Prophet. He visited Hermione, whose parents gave him an armload of sugar free sweets and floss. He even managed to visit the elder members of the Alliance of Destiny, who – from the looks of it – were keeping something from him.

“It’s Indie rock ‘n’ roll for me/It’s Indie rock ‘n’ roll for me/It’s all I need/It’s Indie rock ‘n’ roll for me.”

‘I’ll be seeing them soon enough,’ he thought. ‘They’ll tell me then.’

* * *

Julian pored over the maps he and his father had assembled. Something clicked in his tired brain and he turned to his father.

“Father? Is it possible the place they are hiding Nadia is Unplottable?” he asked tiredly.

Lucius yawned, fighting his every urge to fall asleep right then and there. “Perhaps. We’ve eliminated the idea that she is at Hogwarts, but I don’t know where else she would be.” There was an unspoken agreement about their new employer hanging between them.

“I don’t know if the Covenant will accept our excuses much longer, Father,” Sark replied, knowing he’d said the wrong words. “They want Nadia and Sydney’s heads on a silver platter.”

“Don’t you think I know that Julian!” he screamed, the elder Malfoy’s voice echoing off the library’s expansive walls. “However I’ve got plans for Miss Bristow and Miss Santos.”

Julian sighed. “Okay. So what are we going to do about Bellatrix?”

Lucius shoved his parchment aside and rubbed his eyes. “I don’t know. Her intentions were not to band together with us, correct?”

“She was vehement in her reply. The crazy witch even pointed her wand at me.” Sark shuddered when he thought back to that final conversation. He wondered if he should’ve said what he said to his former lover.

“Power was always intoxicating for Bella, whether it was hers or the Dark Lord’s. She’s stubborn as a mule. Once she wants something she’s not going to stop until she gets it.”

“She didn’t get you,” Sark replied.

“I wouldn’t let her,” Lucius laughed.

It was sort of a private joke between the two men. Bellatrix had had a sort of schoolgirl crush on Lucius since childhood. But Lucius had never seen a potential bride in her, not even a friend. Just a woman with similar interests and a similar drive to accomplish things. He knew it pained her when he pawned Rudolphus Lestrange on her, but she didn’t have to accept Rudolphus’ proposal.

“Lucius? Julian?” the gentle tone Narcissa chose to address her husband and stepson was reserved only for them and Draco.

“Yes dear?” Lucius turned to take in his wife.

“You’ve been awake long enough. Please come to bed,” she urged them.

Lucius nodded and sighed. “Yes, all right.”

Julian and Lucius cleaned up their parchment and Muggle maps as best as they could. Together the three of them ascended the wide staircase that led to their rooms on the second floor in silence.

* * *

“Dad!” Meliza called from the open door of her bedroom.

“Yes honey?” Gabriel Masterson said, coming upon her door. His bright eyes stared down at his youngest child.

“Have you seen my dress robes? I don’t remember if I put them in the wash,” she complained. Sometimes, when they were together, Meliza would revert back to childhood and stick out her lower lip in a pout.

“The devil will find work for idle hands to do/I stole and I lied, and why/Because you asked me to/But now you make me feel so ashamed/Because I’ve only got two hands/Well, I’m still fond of you, oh-ho-oh.”

Gabriel took out his wand and her dress robes came dancing up behind him.

“Thanks,” Meliza said, snatching the silk-lined robe from the air.

“Mel, can I talk to you?” Gabriel continued, walking behind her to sit on her bed.

“Sure,” Meliza replied, cramming the hems into her trunk.

“Come here,” he gestured, patting the open space beside him.

“What’s up?”

“It’s been a long time since we’ve had a talk.”


“Have you decided what you want to do when you leave Hogwarts?”

“Well, I did want to visit the States. See New York, like Mum was always saying,” Meliza began.

“I meant in terms of marriage,” Gabriel said, guiding his daughter to what he wanted to talk about.

“So this is about Draco then?”



“I just want you to be careful. I don’t want your heart broken. The Malfoys… they’re just not nice people.”

Inwardly, Meliza smiled. “Not nice” was the worst thing Gabriel could bring himself to say about the Malfoys.

“But no more apologies/No more, no more apologies/Oh, I’m too tired/I’m so sick and tired/And I’m feeling very sick and ill today/But I’m still fond of you, oh-ho-oh.”

Meliza leaned over and kissed her head on the temple. “I’ll be careful.”

“Good girl,” Gabriel said, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. “I wouldn’t expect anything else from my baby girl.”

* * *

“Don”t fuss mum,” pleaded Anastasia as her mother led her through the many shops on her last ever trip to Diagon Alley as a student.

“Come on darling! Don”t you want some nice robes for the formal occasions this year?” asked Natasha, not even noticing her daughter”s grumpy demeanour.

“In a clutch/I’m talking every word for all the boys/Electric girls with worn down toys/Make it up, break it up, what do you care/Oh what do you care?”

“Look, you know my size right? You pick what you want, and if I don”t like it we”ll return it. I trust your judgement mum,” said Anastasia sincerely. Flattery would get you everywhere with Natasha Darcy.

“Oh all right. But stick together,” said Natasha peering at her with motherly affection.

Anastasia pecked her on the cheek and went away with her father.

“She”s getting on my nerves!” complained Anastasia.

“She always does when she”s shopping, why do you think she has a special customer card for all the shops in Diagon Alley? Well”apart from Narcissa Malfoy,” said Alex chuckling at his wife”s determination to get through every single shop before their daughter left for school tomorrow.

“I take my twist with a shout/A coffee shop with a cause, then I’ll freak you out/No sex, no drugs, no life, no love/When it comes to today.”

“Yeah well”” started Anastasia but her eyes lit up as she spotted her boyfriend, “Harry!” she called out making the green eyed wizard turn around.

He”d grown since she”d last seen him at her home. She made her way over to where he was.

“Hi!” he said brightly, flanked by Ron and Ginny Weasley who were busy staring at the latest broomstick to be advertised at Quality Quidditch Supplies.

“Hi!” she said almost shyly, “What are you doing here?”

“Well we did all our shopping yesterday but there”s no point going back to the Burrow since we have to go to school tomorrow, so Mrs. Weasley said we could just wander around the shops,” explained Harry, trying not to blush in Anastasia”s presence.

“Stay if you wanna love me, stay/Oh don’t be shy, let’s cause a scene/Like lovers do on silver screens/Let’s make it yeah, we’ll cause a scene.”

“Oh. My mum”s driving me mad. Shopping just isn”t my thing. You wanna go for an ice-cream?” she asked shyly.

“Sure,” he said giving her an easy smile. Turning back she spotted her dad coming up behind her.

“Hello Harry,” he said making Harry gulp.

“Hello sir. I was just going to take Anastasia for an ice cream,” he said, Alexander”s tall frame and grim smile, that could easily turn into the most charming one and back again scared him.

“I won”t be long dad. Can you get my school books please?” said Anastasia trying to save Harry from further embarrassment.

“Sure,” he said not taking his eyes off Harry in an almost threatening way.

“Here,” said Anastasia shoving him the list.

“It’s Indie rock ‘n’ roll for me/It’s Indie rock ‘n’ roll for me/It’s all I need/It’s Indie rock ‘n’ roll for me.”

“Hey mate!” said Ron finally tearing his gaze away from the Broomstick and noticing the others. “Hi Mr. Darcy.”

“Hello Mr. Weasley. Is that the new broom I”ve heard about being used in the next Quidditch World Cup?” asked Alex peering interestedly at the broom.

Ron grinned and launched into a long-winded explanation about the brooms features, giving Harry and Anastasia the opportunity to escape.

“Sorry about my dad,” said Anastasia, “He can be a bit protective.”

“Two of us/Flipping through a thrift store magazine/It’s Indie rock ‘n’ roll for me/It’s all I need/Makin’ up, breakin’ up, what do you care/What do you care/It’s Indie rock ‘n’ roll for me.”

“A bit?!” said Harry shooting up an eyebrow which made Anastasia giggle.

* * *

Faith strolled around the rambling structure of Hogwarts taking in the beauty of the school, ‘Damn’ she thought, ‘If I’d gone to a school like this maybe I might have finished.’

Sometimes her lack of high school and further education bothered her, like when she had been with Wood, and sometimes it was her instincts in a fight that saved her more then knowing maths or science ever could.

She sighed heavily. She hadn’t wanted to deliver the bad news to Wes. Truth be told she was starting to like the guy, but the ashen look that had settled on his face was a permanent reminder of the changes that she didn’t know about. Things had happened to Wesley to take away the boy within him, and turn him into a hardened man.

“Choke me in the shallow waters/Before I get too deep.”

Turning a corner she spotted some greenhouses. Curious, she pressed her nose to the glass, having been warned by the others that nothing in Hogwarts was what it seemed and to be careful. She still had to meet some of the others before she could unveil her surprise, which she planned to do soon.

“The plants have a terrible habit of attacking Miss Lehane, you might find yourself in trouble if you step a little closer,” said an older voice that made her feel at ease at once.

“I could handle them,” said Faith without turning around, but cautiously stepped away from the Greenhouse. Wacky plants wouldn’t be something she wanted to add to her list of things to slay.

“Oh, I’m not aware of too many things/I know what I know, if you know what I mean.”

The voice laughed and finally Faith turned around to gaze at the older man, with the long beard and half moon glasses wearing some peculiar dress thing.

“They are robes,” he explained noticing her gawking at his clothes, “And I am Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

Faith nodded, still not believing that witches and wizards got to go to a school. She knew from her old Watcher that the Council trained most potential Slayers but some, like Buffy, had escaped their notice until the very last moment.

“Would you like a tour of Hogwarts? I have a proposition for you,” said Dumbledore offering her his arm. Warily she took it, already finding herself smiling in his presence, which was rare for her. The last vestiges of the summer sun were high at the moment, but she needed a good slay to get her to sleep. Maybe her new role would take that energy away from her.

They walked in silence for a while as Dumbledore showed her the school pointing out odd little things such as the paintings that moved and talked.

“Philosophy is a walk on the slippery rocks/Religion is a light in the fog.”

Finally Dumbledore led her to the Astronomy Tower where she could see the grounds of Hogwarts in all their glory. The view was breathtaking and she sorely wished she lived in a place like this, just for the view.

He was studying her intently when she finally tore her gaze away from the vision.

“I know why you’ve come Miss. Lehane, and it’s very noble of you to do so,” he said.

“Noble had nothing to with it, and you know it. I’m running away again, just like I’ve been doing my whole life,” she said bitterly not able to meet his

“Then maybe it is time for some rest,” he started, “Our groundskeeper has been taken up with family matters for the best part of a year. And I feel this year instead of asking him to keep dividing his time, I should let him tend to his matter with no worries about his duties.”

“What are you saying?” asked Faith warily, folding her arms protectively around her.

“I would like to offer you the job of assistant groundskeeper alongside Hagrid. It would be such a help to him, not to have to worry about the little things, which make the grounds of Hogwarts run smoothly. His family matter has been taking up much of his time, and your arrival conveniently solves this matter if you choose to accept. I assure you it will not conflict with your other role,” he said studying her once again.

Groundskeeper? Is that how low she’d sunk? But it’d be outdoors work and the guy said it wouldn’t interfere with her other duties, wait how did he know about her other duties? No one knew! But looking at his face, she knew it was pointless to ask. Maybe this was her way to redemption. Maybe this work would help her to finally get the peace she sorely needed.

“Where would I live?” she asked not committing to an answer as she turned away to watch a big hairy thing step outside of a hut.

“In Hogwarts of course my dear. Since most of the others are moving here too, I see no need why you cannot be near your friends. And it is a paying position…” he said temptingly.

“Well I’d like to meet this Hagrid guy first before I commit,” she said folding her arms defiantly.

“What I am is what I am/You are what you are or what?”

“You just did my dear,” said Dumbledore, his eyes dancing with laughter as he pointed at the big hairy thing making its way to the forest.

Fade out

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