Episode 9: Revelations

Written and Directed by Humaira K and Gill P

Guest starring

David Anders as Julian Sark
Shiri Appleby as Anastasia Darcy
Michael Gambon as Albus Dumbeldore
Melissa George as Lauren Reed
Alan Rickman as Severus Snape
Peta Wilson as Bellatrix Lestrange

AHHHHH!!!” Harry screamed at the top of his lungs. It wasn’t just pain that Harry was experiencing, this was the next plateau of agony. Swirled images of wizards dying before him mixed with the voices and now images of his parents, dying to save him from Voldemort.

Voldemort was standing nearby, concentrating hard at looking deep into Harry’s eyes. He was using Legilimency on Harry without abandon, but he was trying his best to fight it.

“I see someone at that filthy Mudblood teaching school has taught you Occlumency. Is that right Harry?” Voldemort’s voice muttered, his putrid breath wafting towards Harry, who coughed violently. He was a strong willed one, this Potter. Harry’s chest was heaving from the pain of having Voldemort try to enter his mind.

“Bella!” Voldemort barked.

“Yes, my lord?” Bellatrix Lestrange squeaked from nearby. She had tied up Anastasia and Harry with a simple curse and they lay side by side on blocks of cement.

“Prepare the girl. We will teach Potter what happens when he denies the Dark Lord his prize for too long,” Voldemort threatened mercilessly.

Bellatrix stood over Anastasia, holding Anastasia’s wand in her hand, looking at the girl with as much hate as she could muster. The child’s eyes registered pure fear.

“She’s ready, my lord.”

Voldemort leaned over Harry on the slab of concrete, bringing his nose close to Harry’s cheek. “You found the prophecy, the one that concerns both you and I, in the Department of Mysteries the last time we were fortunate enough to meet. I know you and Albus Dumbledore are the only ones you know of that prophecy.

“Now, I can’t skip into Hogwarts and demand that Muggle loving fool to tell me the extent of that prophecy. So of course, you were the next obvious choice.” Harry’s skin crawled as Voldemort ran a bony finger across his scar, causing it to flame up in protest.

“Tell me what the prophecy said, or I will have Bella harm Anastasia. You wouldn’t want that, would you?”

He motioned at Bella, who immediately muttered, “Crucio.”

Anastasia bellowed at the top of her lungs as the curse took effect.

“NO!” Harry screamed.

Voldemort took his chance. He stared deeply into Harry’s emerald green eyes, trying to extract the prophecy from the boy’s tumultuous mind.

* * *

“Hunting you I can smell you – alive/Your heart pounding in my head/Watching me wanting me/I can feel you pull me down/Saving me raping me/Watching me.”

They all landed with a thump in a darkened crypt. The first thing Hermione noticed was that both Harry and Anastasia were screaming at the top of their lungs and Bellatrix Lestrange was standing over Anastasia. A hatred engulfed her whole body and a fear that they were too late.

Buffy, Angel and Sydney rushed forward to the captives, just as the Dark Lord noticed their presence.

The pain stopped for a bit Harry noticed, and he was glad to see his older friends come to the rescue.

“Hey Lizard Brain, stop torturing Harry and you might get to hear my witty one liners whilst I kill you,” shouted Buffy, but as soon as the green light went for her, Angel knocked both her and Sydney down to the floor.

“Buffy, don’t annoy the man with the dangerous wand, remember Mr. Pointy?” said Angel getting up.

“Oh yeah!” said Buffy also getting up, “Maybe I can’t introduce him to Mr. Pointy but Lizard Brain, meet the Slayer!”

Voldemort stared at her for a moment and started to laugh, “You’re one of many now, Slayer. What makes you special? Plus you’re not what I expected, I thought you’d be taller.”

Buffy’s eyes narrowed as Angel smirked, shifting to game face.

“Oh you are so gonna regret that!” as Buffy rushed forwards to lunge at Voldemort, before he could finish casting the killing curse she was on him and with amazing strength had him pinned. Then she proceeded to break his wand and in a fierce voice said, “People always expect me to be taller. What they don’t expect is this,” she said punching Voldemort in the face. It didn’t affect him and Buffy was shaken.

Sydney meanwhile was battling Bellatrix Lestrange. Ducking curses as she tried to catch her in a physical fight. In the midst of this all, Angel was rescuing Harry and Anastasia. Dumbeldore quickly charmed a ring and allowed Ron and Hermione to take the two unconscious students back to Hogwarts.

Buffy kept beating Voldemort and nothing happened. He started laughing and became more and more amused with each punch.

With a great force of strength he hissed and pushed her off, “Silly girl, so you think I did not ward my body and go through the darkest of magic to get where I am today? I cannot be hurt, I came back to life.”

Buffy snorted, “Yeah so did I, twice! Look bub, you think you can beat me in the ‘I came back to life more than you’ game? Because trust me, we’re all champions at that one. I died twice, Angel here’s a vampire formerly Angelus and she,” said Buffy pitching a thumb in Sydney’s direction, “was dead for 2 years and came back to life.”

“We can’t take you physically,” said Sydney joining the group.

“Or magically,” added Angel.

“But we’re going to protect Harry with our lives. So, if you think for one second you’re going to kill him, meet the slayer, the vampire and the assassin. Cos we’ll kill you first before you harm a hair on Harry’s head,” said Buffy with finality.

Dumbeldore stepped out from the shadows and said, “This isn’t over yet, Tom.”

And with a wave of his wand they were all back at Hogwarts where all three promptly collapsed from exhaustion, Portkeying wasn’t the best method of travel especially when you country hopped and then faced the Dark Lord of the Wizarding World.

Albus waved them all up to the hospital wing. A smile playing on his face, he realized that maybe Harry was going to survive this after all.

* * *

“I’ve watched you change/Into a fly/I looked away/You were on fire/I watched a change/In you/It’s like you never/Had wings/Now you feel/So Alive.”

Voldemort turned his empty eyes on Bellatrix immediately after Dumbledore disappeared with the three.

“I’m so sorry, my lord,” Bellatrix cried, falling to her knees and kissing Voldemort’s robes.

He yanked them from her grasp. “You think that I would allow you to create the only plan I would depend on? Fortunately for you, I have much more in store for Potter and his friends. Now that I know the slayer, the vampire and the assassin are in play, it will make things much easier for me.

“Come. We are done here. We have some demons to appease.”

And with an evil grin and a wave of his wand, Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange disappeared for parts unknown.

* * *

“When you cried I’d wipe away all of your tears/When you’d scream I’d fight away all of your fears/And I’ve held your hand through all of these years/But you still have all of me.”

Sydney was wavering in and out of consciousness as the light hit her in the eyes. Groggily she opened her eyes to see someone by her bedside, turning her head she saw it was Professor Snape, just like last time.

“It wasn’t your fault this time,” she said hoarsely as she struggled to wake her sluggish body up.

Snape put down the journal he was reading and measured the spy carefully, “No it was not, but when I heard you had faced Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange I had to come and check if you were OK. Facing Julian in the same day as well, it’s not a good thing.”

Sydney sat up slowly and said, “How do you know Sark? Last night you said it wasn’t a good place to talk.”

Snape sighed as he ran a hand through his black hair and faced Sydney, “Julian Sark is Lucius Malfoy’s stepson. He refuses to acknowledge his biological father as his father. Julian’s mother was Lucius’ first wife but she died before she could bear him an heir and Julian’s biological father tried to gain custody of him. But Julian insisted he wanted to stay with Lucius as he was his ‘real’ father. Lucius was touched by this as he had always treated Julian as his son. Narcissa loves Julian like her own as well, she fully understood what she was getting into, only Draco’s jealous of Julian. It just so happens I am head of Draco’s house.”

“Huh, and I thought my family life was complicated,” commented Sydney dryly.

“Tell me about your family,” said Snape leaning forward.

Sydney smiled a bitter smile as she regaled him with her tale, “My mom was a spy for the KGB, my father fell in love with her and then she ‘died’ in a car accident when I was 6. 3 years ago, I found out she was alive, my dad had trained me to be a spy when I was 6, and my mother was obsessed with Rambaldi’s work.

She and another man named Arvin Sloane would do anything to get it. Sloane made his wife Emily fake her death to get a seat on The Alliance and then the current Director of the CIA, Marcus Dixon, accidentally killed her. To retaliate Sloane killed Dixon’s wife, luckily his children were somewhere else,” said Sydney remembering that night clearly.

“My handler and former boyfriend Michael Vaughn got married when I was ‘dead’ for two years. The blonde you saw yesterday? His wife.”

Snape was listening to the tale in awe. She had an eventful life and had suffered so much, and here she was.

“I have no memory of the past 2 years, or what they did to me. Professor,” she leaned forward, “If I tell you something will you promise to keep it a secret?”

Snape nodded, “Please call me Severus.”

“Severus, my father tried to find me in those missing 2 years and he found a tape. In it I’m someone named Julia Thorne, and I killed a man named Lazarey. I have no memory of killing him or why.”

Snape sucked in his breath. She had killed Julian’s real father, this was just getting better and better.

“What is it Severus?” she asked eyes darting at him, trying to read him.

“Sydney, Lazarey was Julian’s biological father,” said Snape carefully.

Sydney paled considerably, “But…….he was so nice and he helped me. He was nothing like Sark!”

“He wouldn’t be. Andrian Lazarey was the kindest man I had knowledge of, Julian only turned out the way he is because of Lucius Malfoy. It wasn’t your fault you killed him. You didn’t have control of your mind then,” soothed Snape cradling her hand.

Sydney started crying for what she had done. It wasn’t the fact that it was Sark’s father she had killed, but an innocent human being. Snape awkwardly patted her on the shoulders as he moved to sit on the bed. She cried harder as he reluctantly put his arms around her to comfort her. Sydney latched onto the comfort as Snape soothed her with words and stroking her hair.

Sydney didn’t feel the soothed she felt when her father soothed her. Or when Vaughn comforted her. She felt completely safe in Severus’s arms, as if he’d die before letting anything hurt her.

Snape was relishing the feel of Sydney in his arms. He knew she was only seeking comfort and if he could do something to ease her pain, he would. But he would have liked to woo her, dare he hope, date her even. But a long time ago, he had resigned himself to the fact that women didn’t find him attractive.

Sydney had stopped crying and he tried to gently extract himself from her death tight grip, embarrassed she did. “I’m sorry Severus. This is the second time I feel so helpless around you.” she laughed, “We always seem to bond when I’m injured or hurt. I….Severus.”

She stopped, if she was going to say this, she had to say it now, “Severus would you like to go on a date with me?”

Snape stopped thinking, this was a trick. He watched the hope trickle from her eyes as he kept his face impassive. She seemed genuine and she really was an attractive and interesting woman. “Sydney I would be honoured to go on a date with you,” he said, “But what do you see in an old ‘greasy git’ like me is beyond my understanding.”

Sydney was horrified at his low perception of himself, “I am going to kill whoever made you think like that. You’re not old, only a couple of years older then me. You’re mysterious and sexy. And your hair is not greasy it’s,” she reached up to touch it, “It’s silky.”

Snape quirked his mouth up, she really was adorable and so sweet to try and make his ego a little bigger.

“Thank you for the sentiments Sydney, I believe I shall reserve my appreciation for you until our date. I have a class to teach and I’m afraid I can’t do you justice with the amount of time I have.”

With a billowing of his cape, he was gone. Sydney sighed as Buffy pulled her curtain back, having heard the whole conversation.

“I think we need to go shopping Syd, if he’s gonna fully you appreciate you,” she said solemnly and then with a squeal of delight. Both women jumped out of bed and danced around the hospital wing.

“Well excuse me for a while/But it’s time to propagate/I’m comin’ from the land/Where the seasons never change/Where all around the world/They’re all lookin’ to L.A./Always the first in new directions/Cause Cali leads the way.”

* * *

“Lately I find I’m caught up in these thoughts/How will you come to me/How will we connect these hearts/Are you somewhere near/Hidden like a four-leaf clover/Are you miles away/Are we getting any closer/Are we getting any closer.”

It had been nearly two weeks since Voldemort’s abduction and prolonged usage of Legilimency on Harry, who had made a full recovery and was released from the hospital later than the others. He had a lot of time on his hands, thinking mostly about Anastasia. She had been released a few days before him. Bellatrix’s Crucio spell didn’t have any lasting effects on her, thanks to the distraction Buffy and the others provided. Harry thought in passing of Neville Longbottom’s parents, who were the reason why Bellatrix landed in Azkaban in the first place. Harry was not comforted by the fact that his life was spared; next time, he might not be so lucky.

He felt a kinship with Anastasia immediately. Not like with Ron and Hermione, but something more. Harry couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Maybe it was respect. Anastasia was a powerful witch to survive an Unforgivable Curse from someone like Bellatrix Lestrange. He himself
has survived one as well, but to be next to her while she did.. Harry was sure it was respect for Anastasia that he felt. If not, he wasn’t sure what it was he was feeling.

Officially, no one else in the school knew that Voldemort had abducted Harry and Anastasia, which, of course, meant that everyone knew. It was a sharp reminder to everyone to be on their toes and to brush up on their Defence Against the Dark Arts.

After a gruelling Quidditch practice in preparation to take on Ravenclaw in two weeks time, Harry was dragging his Firebolt into the near empty common room when Anastasia stopped him.

“Harry?” she said softly. Although their friendship had changed considerably, Anastasia was still a little shy around him.

“Yeah?” he replied, hitching the Firebolt on his shoulder.

“Um, I don’t know if you remember Professor Dumbledore mentioning this at the beginning of the year, but the Friends of Muggles charity organization is throwing a fundraising party in the Great Hall during Easter holiday,” Anastasia explained, slowly and deliberately.

“Yeah?” Harry said again.

“FM is doing a fashion show for Muggle awareness. My parents are on the committee, that’s why I’m in it,” Anastasia said with a painful grimace at the thought.

Harry’s mind began to tumble. “Well, I usually don’t go home for my holidays, so if you want me to go, I’ll go.”

“No, I’m not telling you this ’cause I want you to go as a spectator. See, the thing is, I’m telling you this because I wonder if you’d like to be in the fashion show… with me. You aren’t the only one I’m asking, so I’ll totally understand if you don’t wanna do this.”

Harry hid a smile. “As long as I don’t have to wear anything too odd, I’ll do it. For you.” Anastasia blushed and so did Harry, behind his glasses, when he realized what he had said. “And hey, I’ll ask my friends, you met them, Angel, Sydney, and Buffy? If they wanna be in the show too.”

Anastasia grinned, widely pleased at his enthusiasm. “Great! I’ll go send an owl to my mum. She’s gonna love this!” Anastasia made a move towards Harry, almost like she was going to kiss him, but blushed again and thought better of it. Instead, she smiled at Harry and scurried away to draft the letter in her dorm.

* * *

“Sucker love, a box I choose/No other box I choose to use/Another love I would abuse/No circumstances could excuse.”

Sydney, Harry, Buffy and Angel were in the Shrieking Shack going over the abduction. This was something beyond any of the three’s expertise. Harry was used to it as he regaled his tale of when Cedric and himself had been kidnapped. It was a painful memory for him as both girls held both his hands during it. Angel looked on grimly as Harry finished up. It was worse then he had thought, he would have to tell them of the prophecy soon to secure the item otherwise more would die because of his hesitation.

“Except for Cordy’s death, everything was a set up, we need to be more vigilant next time guys. I never want this to happen again,” said Angel, crouching near Harry.

“Do you or Hermione and Ron know any fighting skills?” asked Sydney.

Harry shook his head.

“Well, that’s not good, you may not be caught in a physical fight, but as we all know, improvisation is your friend. Look for anything that can be a weapon to take someone down physically,” said Buffy frowning.

“Look, we’re not so hot on the magic, but we can help you with physical fighting. I think…..” Sydney quirked her lips, “I think we need to form an Alliance so we can prevent this from happening again.” She put her hand in front of the group.

“An Alliance of Destiny,” said Angel putting his much colder one in.

“And this is not just to protect you Harry, it’s to protect all of us, who knows what beasties and stuff old Voldy or hell anything that’ll come after me, Syd or Angel,” said Buffy.

“As long as you don’t treat me like a child, I’m in,” said Harry grinning as put his own hand on top of the group’s.

They all smiled at each other knowing that now they’d be staying in Hogsmeade and near Hogwarts for a long time.

“So, since you guys are staying, Anastasia’s asked me to be part of this fashion show. I’ve said yes, but I wanted to ask if you guys want to participate. Ron and Hermione are in it too,” said Harry looking around.

Buffy’s eyes lit up, “A fashion show? Oh I haven’t thought about fashion in years! Oh wait, are there gonna be wizarding robes cause they’re all kinda the same.”

Harry laughed, “No, it’s a charity called Friends of Muggles.”

“Friends of Muggles?! Well count me in, even though I’m not a Muggle. Who knew that was a charity!” laughed Angel. It was the first time in a long time that Angel had laughed and the whole group stopped to watch him.

“What?” he asked, the smile fading.

“I’ve never seen you laugh,” said Buffy softly, “You should do it more often.” Angel smiled at the compliment as Buffy turned back.

“Now, Syd we really need to go shopping sometime soon for your date,” said Buffy.

“Date?” asked the two guys in the room.

“Oh didn’t I say? I asked Professor Snape out on a date,” said Sydney smiling dreamily.

Harry was horrified, “Why would you want to go out with that greasy git?! He’d probably torture you!”

Sydney’s face hardened, “I am going on this date because I asked him. I’ve been attracted to him ever since we first met and I want to know more about him. You may not like how he presents himself to the world Harry, but you should know that what we present to the world and what we really are are two different things. Please don’t ever insult Severus in front of me,” she said fiercely.

Harry looked to Angel for help.

“Being the bad boy in question for a certain slayer and having a forbidden lover, all I can say is enjoy it,” said Angel looking over at Buffy who was smiling at the memories.

Harry’s eyes bugged out at the statement.

“Look Harry, I’ve dated more then my fair share of people neither my friends or family approved of. But, I’m still here to live the tale. Hey I dated him,” said Buffy pitching a thumb at Angel, “And he turned evil when we had sex. I dated Spike, Riley and 2 guys who too stupid to be even worth a mention. My best friend from my old school wanted to be a vampire and I staked him when he got his wish.”

“People don’t always approve of your choices for dating material. I learned the hard way what Vaughn was, and now he’s married to a double agent, only he doesn’t know it yet,” said Sydney.

“He’s a Death Eater you know,” said Harry quietly trying to dissuade Sydney from making the biggest mistake of her life.

“I know. I knew from the start that he was a spy. I called him out on it and I knew he was a Death Eater because he told me.” Severus had done no such thing, but it wasn’t going to put Sydney off at all. And knowing he was out risking his life for them to stay alive at every meeting swelled the attraction even more. “Harry in a sense I was a Death Eater. I was a double agent and it made my skin crawl to be near my boss. He treated me like a daughter but he killed my fiance Danny because I told Danny who I was, what I did,” said Sydney voice cracking at the memory of finding Danny. “And he probably didn’t blink an eye at all. He didn’t have to find Danny. He didn’t have to deal with the funeral and watch the man I’d loved for years go into a hole in the ground.”

By now Sydney was shaking at the memories that came through crashing onto her because she’d never truly dealt with them.

“Oh God Danny,” sobbed Sydney breaking down completely, Buffy pulled her into a fierce hug as Sydney cried for her lost lover and rocked her back and forth until she was calm again.

“I’m sorry Sydney, I never meant to……” said Harry seeing one of the few strong women in his life in this state.

“It’s OK Harry. You just brought back a lot of memories I never dealt with. When you work for the CIA, you never truly deal with the memories or you will go insane. I allowed my anger and guilt to consume me, and I never dealt with my grief properly,” said Sydney calming down now.

“In the shape of things to come/Too much poison come undone/’Cause there’s nothing else to do/Every me and every you/Every me and every you/Every Me…he.”

* * *

Angel’s mind was in two different places at once. He was helping Buffy and Sydney train Harry, Ron, and even Hermione had showed up tonight, in the fine art of hand-to-hand combat. He had thought back to the day last week when they had formed the Alliance of Destiny.

Hermione was quite keen on teaching them the ins and outs of the wizarding world and Angel was more than fascinated with it. But it wasn’t the fact that they had discovered the wizarding world and still had more to learn. It was what brought him to the wizarding world in the first place. The prophecy that had plagued his dreams, which had all but subsided since his arrival here. He had learned of this prophecy while he was Angelus, but had since forgotten about it. What annoyed Angel was the fact that it suddenly resurfaced.

Of all the prophecies he had learned and sought – or sometimes, as was the case with his Shanshu, fought, this was one that stayed on his mind.

“The blood of the Slayer at the beginning of the twenty-first century, and the blood of the boy born as the seventh month dies, will come together to inherit the source of all magic.”

Angel shivered at the thought. Through what he assumed, it would be Buffy and Harry. He wouldn’t let them go through this. If blood was involved, they would be dead.

“Defined in the book of the (Angel wasn’t sure which book this was because his memory was a little spotty and the original prophecy was in Aramaic) is the ritual to bring forth the source of all magic and the one who has denied their true self will be able to channel and command the source of all magic at their fingertips. The Channeler will be the one to be feared.”

Angel just had a weird feeling it was him.

“Angel?” Hermione said softly. After Angel assured her that he wasn’t Angelus anymore, she was slowly taking a liking to him.

“Yeah?” he said, watching Buffy sparring with Ron, and Sydney with Harry over her shoulder.

“Are you okay? You seem a little lost.”

“Just drifting off. Let’s get to work,” Angel said, adjusting his jacket to join the sparring sessions before him.

Hermione knew better. After spending six years with Ron and Harry, she had a good idea when a man was keeping secrets from her. She would find out somehow. Buffy had told her that Angel was just that kind of guy. Distant but if you needed a champion, he was their man. Or ensouled vampire, as was the case.

* * *

Sark turned away from the plans that he was looking at. Yes, everything was going according to plan. He didn’t much like that Voldemort character, he seemed to be consumed by hate for that Potter boy his father had told him about. Frankly, even his father was getting bored of the constant talk of Potter. But Lucius had found other amusement, as had Sark.

The beautiful blonde in his bed was sleeping, having no idea of the kind of instrument she was playing. She was aware of her role, but not to the full extent which he planned.

Seeing Sydney Bristow be defended by one of his father’s friends had unsettled him. But Lucius had laughed and told him, he was just trying to retain his cover. Apparently, this might be the thing they needed to get on Voldemort’s good side. If they could give him an assassin then he wouldn’t notice what they were really doing.

In a sense, Lucius Malfoy was also a double agent. He would rather work for The Covenant in hopes of one day unearthing the Rambaldi prophecy than for Voldemort who was too engrossed in Potter to see other opportunities.

And that is where Sark came in.

Sark would direct the efforts to try and kidnap Sydney and when they did brainwash her again to be Julia Thorne, assassin for hire.

He was using Lauren Reed, to try and access the more secure files at the CIA. To essentially erase any memory of Sydney Bristow, but they had to be careful.

He felt nothing for her. Not like he had felt for the one person who he had let close into his heart.

Allison Doren.

Sark sighed as gazed at the view from the Italian villa they were in.

Yes, everything was going according to plan.

“I look at the cross/Then I look away/Give you the lungs to/Blow me away/I’ve watched a change/In you/It’s like you never/Had wings/Now you feel/So Alive.”

Fade out

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