You Know You’ve Been Watching Too Much of The Alliance of Destiny When…

  1. You call your teachers “Professor Smith” or “Professor Jones” when a simple “Mr. Smith” or “Mrs. Jones” will suffice.
  2. You believe Voldemort is in the shrimp dimension.
  3. You believe love conquers all.
  4. You get migraines and scream “Department of Mysteries!”
  5. You eyeball a blond father and son when you’re shopping and think they’re Lucius and Sark.
  6. You name your Sim Anastasia Darcy or Meliza Masterson.
  7. You go to grassy fields and try to resurrect dead Amazon warriors.
  8. You deadhead your mother’s roses, wondering if they were Meliza’s singing ones.
  9. Your mother runs a charity organization.
  10. You realize that your best friend’s dad and your dad were rivals in school.
  11. One of your guy friends has really beautiful green eyes.
  12. You find 2 black books and think they’re the Books of Living and the Dead.
  13. At an abandoned shack near your school, you find a sassy blonde woman kicking someone’s ass.
  14. You don’t have a very good relationship with your dad.
  15. Your little sister is the key to saving the world (or ending it).
  16. You lie to your dentist.
  17. You have a lot of really freaky dreams.
  18. Having a latte at Starbucks becomes surreal when a 7-foot hairy man sits on a stool next to you.
  19. Leaving your friends to travel to another country becomes really dramatic.
  20. Your first kiss comes after watching a fashion show.

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