Green and yellow lasers of light
crisscross the earth,
as the blue sky turns two shades
of purple and pink.
The moon peeks from its heavenly throne,
as the third world war of anger, resentment,
pride, and racial tension
rages on beneath the milky moonbeams.
and there I am…
fighting the divine fight,
for God, honor, duty, country.
Battling for morality,
declaring peace in an uneasy settlement.
My life, my home.
and there you are…
God’s angel deployed to protect me,
a pure, cleansing light,
such a force to love me.
I want what I cannot have.
As much as I fight to kill it,
ignorance is here to stay.
So I’ll continue to write,
to cultivate and flourish in peace,
my own kind of way.

All the days of my life.

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