I Left My Heart in Mountain Valley

I went through the motions.

I danced the peasant dance
when I was meant for the solo as the king.
I sang the song of the quail
when I was blessed with the pipes of the nightingale.
I spoke the word of the layman
when I was destined to speak the words of the demagogue.

I left my quiet farming town for the bright lights of another city.

I said, “Luck be a lady tonight.”

But I came back because of fate.

As the king.
The nightingale.
The demagogue.

I slipped down the slope into the curse that shrouds my farming town.
I fought against the Will and found myself unbecoming.

I’m frozen to this place like a tree root that wont die.

I’m the peasant. again.
The quail. again.
The layman. again.

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