Angels and Cowboys

I pray to my guardian angel
to send my wish to heaven
And hope that a bell has rung,
so she’s got wings to fly.
Be as swift as Mercury and get there fast,
I have to know if it’s gonna last, at last.

I don’t want this to end,
and I won’t allow it,
What you see is what you get
and you don’t throw a fit.
I’ll sing my lullabies and say my goodbyes,
Because that’s all I know how to do.

I connect with people from around the world,
but where can I go? I’m just a girl.
From the bottom of my broken heart,
my tears in full bloom, you tear it apart.

How do I feel, I miss him for real,
and ever since,
I gave him a name, my Shining Prince.
I know that he knows me,
but I wonder if he knows it’s me.

Come on over baby all I want is you,
I’m not Christina, but it’ll have to do,
Oops I did it again,
I played with your heart,
Got lost in the game,
I’m really that innocent.

I don’t know what to say
to make things alright,
I’m aware of all that goes on
with a burning light,
Just one look and I can hear a bell ring,
One more look and I forget everything.

And unto an angel goes her cowboy,
above the clouds they will reside,
her wings; a delicate white,
his horse; a muddy brown,
into the horizon to end this fairy tale,
with this happily ever after.

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