Fight For This Love by Cheryl Cole

At first listen, “Fight For This Love” sounds like a Girls Aloud song. But when you listen to it (on repeat, like I do, haha), it really doesn’t. There’s something really simple and pure about Cheryl’s vocals and the production. And knowing what she’s gone through the past few years, and even what she went through during her childhood, it makes the song that much better.

Lyrically, it’s uplifting. Fighting for love is something that everyone can relate to. The hook is so damn catchy too!

Anything that’s worth having
Sure enough worth fighting for
Quitting’s out of the question
When it gets tough gotta fight some more
We gotta fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this love x3
If it’s worth having it’s worth fighting for

The demo that was floating around before the single leaked online was so bad. In it’s defense, I know it’s a demo, but wow. I was like, “I hope Cheryl’s version is better!” And it was. That beat makes you wanna shake your ass. Synths tryin’ to be all violin-y. And the drum beats are so random. Love it!

The video is sorta dumb, especially the already infamous leopard print pants during the dance sequences. RLY CHERYL RLY?

I’m still not completely OK with the idea of Cheryl going solo, even though Girls Aloud is on hiatus. I mean, I understand that it’s time for them after more than 6 years of recording and touring to stretch their wings. They’ve lasted longer and released more records than most other groups in the history of modern pop music. So if this song and the Cheryl mix of “Heartbreaker” are any indication of what “Three Words” is going to sound like, I think I’ll come to grips with it all.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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