The Next Doctor (Doctor Who: 4.14)

That’s a big-ass CyberKing. The whole ep is quite steampunk. I want a Tardis hot-air balloon! What a lovely Christmas-y episode.

I will look to the rest of David’s run as the Tenth Doctor as bittersweet. But I also know why he wants to go. He’s made such a significant impact as the Doctor, as an actor and as a fan. I believe he’s ready for bigger and better things. Some of the fans are geeking out saying there might be a possibility he might come back. They’ve done that in the past, brought back previous Doctors for specials and things. It might work, like with “Time Crash” and Peter Davison.

David Morrissey is completely adorkable as the next Doctor. He completely personified that confident swagger that the Doctor always has even in the most dire of situations. It was also kinda cool to see the real Doctor play second fiddle to the Doctor until he figured out what happened to him.

I thought RTD’s inclusion of Rosita was such fanservice, geez. Not saying that Rosita wasn’t cool, because I love my companions sassy. But really, how big of a crush does RTD have on Rose?? She’s gone, let her go, haha.

Speaking of sassy, how badass was Miss Hartigan?? A contemporary, forward-thinking woman stuck in the 1800s. It is no wonder why the Cybermen gravitated toward her, though it would eventually be her downfall. I love the idea that a modern woman would be stuck in a time period that doesn”t agree with her. I think Kervla Dirwan captured the anger nicely… and with mercy, haha. But from the Wiki article it says this about her:

Davies characterises Miss Hartigan as “a victim of abuse”, for whom the subtext suggests a “terrible backstory” which is symptomatic of her being “part of [this] Victorian Age.” Davies describes this as being “a powerless woman who’s been in servitude or far worse all her life”, but holds his tongue from saying her precise profession, relaying: “I’m talking quite discreetly around this because there are children listening and watching and there’s only so far I should go.” He does however explain that “She’s had terrible things done to her” which is responsible for her “really twisted character where she sexualises everything.” In terms of costume, “she wears red” because “everything’s inflammatory with her”. “And in the end, actually” Davies discusses how to escape her male oppression she “becomes a man, she becomes the CyberKing. She has to go through this extraordinary process because she’s so damaged.”

That explains even more! Wow.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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